• Adia Dawn

The Power of Patience: Letting sh*t go.

Picture this, you’re running late for an important meeting but decide to stop and grab a coffee. The person in front of you seems to be taking FOREVER to decide what they want. They’re asking question after question and the time is ticking by. Every second seems to bring you closer to not making it to where you need to be.

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? I have, SO many times. I remember the level of contempt I would hold for this person, this stranger. It would sometimes stick with me all day long. I would tell other people about the person in line for coffee that caused me to be late, and then I would get frustrated all over again. I kept reliving that moment.

I remember the physical response that I would feel when I was standing there, watching the clock and shifting my stance hoping they would notice my impatience and hurry the f*** up. My heart would beat faster, I got fidgety, and my head would start to throb. This response that my body had was so annoying! Other people seemed to have so much power over me, my thoughts, my reactions, and inevitably my level of happiness.

Over time, and many years of work looking inward at myself, I began to understand that it did not have to be like this. I realized that I had given too much power to other people. I was allowing their actions to determine my reactions. I realized that I needed to change this pattern or reaction. I decided I was going to practice patience. This was not easy! I started trying to allow what was, to JUST BE. I slowly began to let go of holding onto what was beyond my control.

I set an intention to practice patience, every single day. I told myself that I was in control of how I responded. I could allow outside sh*t to ruin my day or I could let it go. Setting the intention of practicing patience reminded me to breathe instead of hold onto stressful moments, focus on the positive instead of the negative, and have more compassion for others.

This process takes time. It did not happen overnight. It requires being intentional and constantly reminding myself of how much better it feels to allow myself to be at peace with what my day brings, rather than reliving every negative moment or interaction.

Having patience is not something that we are always taught how to do in school or by our parents. Therefore it’s UP TO US to take steps to find the moments that we can practice patience. If you want to experience feeling more in control of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions then practicing patience is a great place to start. It can be a difficult habit to master, that’s why I say practice it!

When we practice patience the children around us watch us. They see how we respond in moments of stress and frustration. The can feel the negativity. They hear our words and the stories we tell. I practice patience for myself, but I also practice it so that I can serve as a strong and proud role model.

How will you choose to show up today?

Will you hold on or let that sh*t go?

With love & intention,  Adia