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Adia Dawn, MA, NCSP, LSSP

Education Advocate | Facilitator | Consultant


Adia Dawn is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with a Master's degree from a top-ranked Educational Psychology program in the country specializing in School Psychology.

Over the past 15 years supporting families and schools, she has positively impacted the lives of over 5,000 students and educators.

She is a Trained Mediator and holds Advanced Facilitation Certification in the state of Texas. 


Adia has over 1000 hours of direct experience facilitating collaborative problem-solving meetings 

and child-centered discussions between educators and parents. 


She has invested over 500 hours of her time in professional development and ongoing training to expand her understanding of Social-Emotional Learning, Trauma-Informed Care, Psychological Safety, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Differences, Race & Social Justice Issues, 

Causes of Teacher Burnout, Mindfulness Practices, Communication, and More.